Archiduino Highlights


Archiduino is a universal modular controller 100% software compatible with Arduino IDE


Archiduino is modular and can be fully configured, while fitting in a compact six modules DIN rail case.

Home & industrial

Archiduino is fully certified for both home and industrial applications.


Archiduino is the cheapest certified industrial controller available on the market

See Archiduino in action

In this video we show you how much easy is the assembly of Archiduino with a couple of SnipCards. The video has no commentary but below we list the points where – in our humble opinion – a little explanation could be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

To quickly get an idea of what is Archiduino, what can it do for you and how it can improve your life, we think the best way is a list of FAQ (frequently asked questions) and related answers. Our FAQs are presented as a dialogue, as if you were here talking to us. Some of them may look a little basic, but we do believe that everyone has the right to learn. Don’t you?

What is Archiduino?
Archiduino is an universal modular controller. It means that if you have anything electrically driven, you can acquire its data and control it with Archiduino. The strength of Archiduino is represented by the plurality of interface, I/O and signal conditioning modules at his disposal which can be simultaneously mounted.
How can I program it?
Archiduino is 100% software compatible with Arduino. For example, Archiduino 32 mounts the same Atmel processor ATMega32U4 of Arduino Leonardo. In fact, you get the USB cable, connect it from PC to Archiduino and open Arduino IDE. Then, in Tools menu, set the Arduino type as Arduino Leonardo, giving it the right communication port and… voila, you’re ready to go. With the more powerful Archiduino 1284 you will also work in Arduino IDE without worries! Configuration files, libraries and examples of code are available on GitHub and constantly updated.
Is Archiduino suitable for critical environments?
Assuming that it is a product made to work at very low voltage environments (12 Vcc supply, 36 Vcc max for relay contacts), we designed Archiduino with specific care to avoid dangerous voltage surges and spikes. The same design of the SnipCards is engineered to avoid the direct connection to MCU pins (contrary to what happens on most common platforms like Arduino and so on). In our boards we have put a plenty of varistors, transil diodes and inductance filters in order to minimize common risks of blazing the digital components and turn in ashes all the work just done.
Is Archiduino *too industrial* to be used for hobby purposes?
Oh, man. No! Archiduino is born to be a reliable fellow for everybody playing in the range from “rookie” to “Tenth-Dan master of electronics”. It uses the familiar Arduino language, easy and commonly known, and the easiest I/O logic of the Arduino environment in order to meet the hobbyist needs. But, at same time, it’s strong and well armored to be applied on such battle field like industrial environments. In other words: USE IT everywhere you want, it’s great, it’s reliable, it’s sturdy and easy to use. What else, guy?