As you can see, we made some restyling to the website. We are trying to rearrange the whole categorization of posts and various items.

Furthermore, we also created a shop area, so if you want to buy Archiduino you could do it without going to the previous e-commerce website.

At the moment the shop is pretty empty but we consider to “fix and fill” it as soon as possible. If you are thinking to buy something, you can do it here:

We’re also working to new documentation, new manuals, new experiments, new code, new libraries and… new SnipCards.

Archiduino is alive and kicking! Stay tuned!

After a challenging server migration the Archiduino website is finally back. We apologize for the unintentional blackout. As soon as possible we will update the Application section with new “test files”, so… stay tuned!