The RS-485 Serial Communication SnipCard allows to communicate in balanced digital multipoint systems with RS-485 standard. Iit can be used effectively over long distances and in electrically noisy environments. Multiple receivers may be connected to such a network in a linear, multi-drop configuration. These characteristics make such networks useful in industrial environments and similar applications. (more…)

Dual Relay SnipCard

The Dual Relay SnipCard (basic version) is equipped with two relay 36V – 2A max. In addition, there are two signaling LEDs to indicate the logic state of the corresponding relay.
The Dual Relay SnipCard is designed to make relays working in interlocked mode (optional) and to be able to insert a delay on the implementation of hardware control (optional), so you do not change the logic state of the relay in the event of a reset of the CPU board. (more…)