Archiduino 32U4 – Main

This is the main Archiduino library set for the ATMega32U4 CPU. We are constantly updating our system and related software stuff, so please consider this a starting point for a brighter future (represented by e.g. a stable and comfortable GitHub repository).

This libraries package is designed to:

  • override the Arduino Leonardo standard pins assignment
  • enable code functions to extend resources assignment
  • enable and drive custom LCD PCF8574 board
  • enable and drive the buttons on LCD board

Note: this set contains the new version of the old Archiduino.h and LCD libraries previously released. We already included some improvements and bug fixes. If you want to replace old Archiduino files, just install this set and rename the includes and object instances in your code. All the changes are been made to keep Archiduino usable even in lates Arduino IDE versions. If you still want to use old instancing and including names (yes, it’s natural, changes are often painful) you can replace only the Liquidcrystal_I2C libraries in order to update them for correct functionality in latest (>1.6.4) Arduino IDE versions.

How to install

  1. Choose “Arduino Leonardo” board from your boards list
  2. download the zip file containing all the stuff (keep in mind the path where you saved this .zip)
  3. open Arduino IDE (the library set has been tested until 1.6.8 version)
  4. click on Sketch menu
  5. click on #include library submenu
  6. click on Add library from .zip file
  7. choose the path and the file you’ve just downloaded (see 1)
  8. click the Open button

When this steps are completed, you can include the main header library Archiduino32.h in your project. The Arduino IDE will include automatically all related libraries but, if you want, you could delete them from your sketch heading. The only include needed is:

#include <Archiduino32.h>

For further details, please see documentation if available. If not, we’re still working on it, it’ll be available as soon as possible. In any case, feel free to contact us.


Archiduino32 library set
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