Base board with Ethernet RJ45 port

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Base board with Ethernet RJ45 port

This new version of the Base Board is a widely configurable platform that fits perfectly on Archiduino. It comes with a switching power supply and an Ethernet RJ45 port onboard as standard configuration. The Base Board is more versatile than you can imagine, because of the almost complete customizable layout it can take. It can be configured with:

  • max 16 opto isolated inputs or
  • max 6 power relays or
  • max 11 SnipCard modules

With these options and the complete stock of SnipCards, the Archiduino microcontroller can be arranged in every way you need for your project or your installation.


Archiduino - Base Board with CPU

Archiduino – Base Board with CPU

The Base Board has been designed to fit in a six modules DIN rail case, so it’s just 102 x 98 mm wide. The layout has been engineered to bring the connection plug in both top and bottom sides, so, when it’s mounted in a control cabinet or in an electrical panel, the electrician can easily plug the cabling structure.

The Base Board needs to be supplied with 12VDC with an external power supply through the power plug. The DC/DC buck converter onboard provides the +5VDC supply in order to serve to all the SnipCards, the CPU board and the LCD board. The DC/DC converter is based on the well known and highly reliable MP1584EN made by MPS (Monolithic Power Systems); it’s largely oversized if compared with the total power consumption of a full Archiduino configuration. But this, as arguable, means: no heat at all, no power leakage (the efficiency is pretty close to 96%), ultra low switching noise and irrelevant ripple (lower than 5mV with 1 A load).

The onboard Ethernet port is provided by the largely diffused ENC28J60 made by Microchip. This chip provides a 10base-T ethernet port, fully compatible with all the ethernet networks. A significant 2KV ESD protection on every pin offers a strong shield when employed in industrial environments.

Archiduino - Base Board with a SnipCard fitted on

Archiduino – Base Board with a SnipCard fitted on

Almost every module can be configured in order to fit installation’s requirements. Some modules are dedicated to specific functions as I2C (M06), SPI (M05) and UART0 (M03) and UART1 (M02). Some of them could be overtaken operating on firmware setup. All other modules (M04 and from M07 to M12) could be used in the preferred way without worries.

If you need to fit power relays directly on the Base Board, it’s possible: you have up to six modules where fit them. To drive the power relays you need to software address the TPIC2810 I2C darlington driver placed on the CPU board.

Available configurations

The Base Board standard is as just described, i.e. with the Ethernet port fitted onboard. If you need a specific configuration please contact us: we’ll be glad to provide you every detail.


Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller – Datasheet

MPS MP1584 step down DC/DC converter – Datasheet


Still under construction. The Base Board is the newly born in our house, so we will provide all docs as soon as possible.