Welcome to Archiduino

The Universal Modular Programmable Controller 100% software compatible with Arduino

Archiduino is 100% compatible with Arduino. It's programmable with the Arduino IDE.

Archiduino is modular. You can configure it according to your need.

Archiduino is fully certified. You can install it in home or industrial environments.

Archiduino is affordable. Its price is for everyone: hobbyists, technicians, engineers, craftsmans, teachers and students.

Archiduino is designed and made in Italy.

Sketch #1 – Blink

Sketch #1 - Blink This simple program is a good way to do your first test on Archiduino 1284. It turns on the LED on for one second, then off for one second, repeatedly. Meanwhile it gives some infos throughout the Arduino IDE serial monitor (SHIFT+CTRL+M) NOTES LED...

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Some restyling

As you can see, we made some restyling to the website. We are trying to rearrange the whole categorization of posts and various items. Furthermore, we also created a shop area, so if you want to buy Archiduino you could do it without going to the previous e-commerce...

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How to assemble Archiduino

In this video we show you how much easy is the assembly of Archiduino with a couple of SnipCards. The video has no commentary but below we list the points where - in our humble opinion - a little explanation could be helpful....

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News: we’re back!

After a challenging server migration the Archiduino website is finally back. We apologize for the unintentional blackout. As soon as possible we will update the Application section with new "test files", so... stay tuned!

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LCD I2C Bus PCF8574 board with 4 keys

LCD I2C Bus with keyboard - PCF8574 version. The PCF version differs, compared to the 4-bit version, by the smaller number of control signals (SCL, SDA). As a result you will have a greater number of signals available for the I/O channels. This solution is to be...

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